"Our adulthood is merely a rearview mirror of our childhood". ~Toya.P

Few Words About Me

My birth name is Aficha Latoya Neverson, but I go by Toya Paradisa. I have the following titles: mother, business owner, entrepreneur, mind coach, artist and author. I enjoy the wonders of life. This wasn’t always the case, but through my healing, I understand that life is a gift. I had a rough path, as a child growing up, which has been so much a part of why I’m so grateful for today. Now, I am becoming the woman I am meant to be. The life I had created for myself, years ago, was a mirror of the beliefs I carried in my heart about what life was. They weren’t healthy beliefs. I had no idea what I was being, what I liked, who I was, and I hated myself for it all, unconsciously, of course. I had lost myself in the world trying to please everyone. I’m sure you can relate. I became the woman I believed society wanted me to be. I was drowning in so much fear that I couldn’t breathe. I was angry and always seeking to flee, until I met someone who showed me how much I hated myself and that I needed to snap out of it.
The self-hate had become a place of comfort for me because I knew nothing else. So my friend decided to show me things that had helped him on his journey. First, he showed me his writings (he calls “the treasure box”). He said it had helped so much, and so, I too began doing the same thing, even though I had my doubts. I realized, after several sessions of writing, that I found myself beginning to heal. I began wondering and asking myself questions about life and everything around me. It was fascinating and scary at the same time.
Fast forward to today, I am becoming the best version of myself and I am thankful to have this opportunity to work with you and bring clarity into any area of your life that is causing you pain, and suffering.

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What I do

I am an intuitive certified art therapy mind-coach, dedicated to helping women get clarity, and healing, through the art of self-expression.

The process

Our initial consultation

Self Realization

Assessment of your beliefs.


Take your power back!

What People Say

Third Testimonials

“I found your session really really helpful…”.


Second testimonials

“It was nice meeting you. Gave me a few things to think about 😊 Love how your transparency and honesty. How you organized and held the event”.

Third Testimonial

“Once again Latoya thank you for being there for me and for supporting me. I thank you for your time, knowledge, and wisdom. Ça me tient vraiment à coeur”. Take care.

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